From Trump to Ten Downing Street: Trolling China is In and On

Calls for punishing China for ‘exporting’ the ‘Chinese virus’ are growing and the witch hunt is being led by think tanks and lobbies that have never quite liked the idea of China as an economic power player. Naturally, people are happy to jump on the bandwagon simply because the Chinese government makes it so easy to dislike their nation. Their abysmal human rights record is easy to despise and their surge into the world of surveillance has angered those who believe our data is safer with Zuckerberg and the likes. 

Ironically, China’s economic gain and entry into the capitalist game was not without the help of some of these lobbies that pushed for wide open markets and competition at any and all costs. When Europe’s big businesses decided to close shop and ship their businesses lock stock and barrel to China, it was with the sole purpose of making big profits. Germany and France both established businesses interests in China in a move that devastated their working classes. Of course, the French workers were lazy and overpaid, and the Chinese were hardworking and willing to work for a pittance. When Covid-19 blows over, those angry with China for polluting the world will be up in arms and on the streets again, but will we address the reality that our greed for cutting costs  and making quick profits made China the mass producer and the world’s supplier of items from panties to painkillers.

But where does China’s history with the West begin? It oddly coincides with the birth of the United States of America as a ‘free’ nation. The Chinese first set foot on America to mine gold and build the railroads. Chinese immigrants in California mined gold more efficiently than any other immigrant population, and the Transcontinental Railroad would have been impossible to complete without them. Cutting through the solid granite of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which the white immigrants of European descent had failed to do, was achieved by the strength, stature and hard work of the Chinese immigrants. However, instead of praise, they were rewarded with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the first legislation of its kind to exclude a foreign population from US soil. America’s passion for hunting black populations has been widely reported, but people rarely learn of the Chinese cleansing that took place as a result of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Mobs of white men were encouraged by politicians and even led by policemen to chase the Chinese immigrants out of Seattle. Across the US, the Chinese were driven from New Mexico, Idaho, Alaska and Montana. The Chinese were pushed into Chinatowns, just like the native Indians were once thrown into their reserves and restricted.

In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt (whose family’s wealth was largely ammassed from the Opium Trade) tightened the Chinese Exclusion Act, which further reduced the number of Chinese immigrants and forced those remaining to carry ID cards or face arrests and deportation. Any other nationality or ethnicity would have gone into victim mode, but the Chinese just moved on. Their interaction with the West led them on an entirely different path of communism that stole China of its rich heritage. Today, China’s communist rule has not prevented it from playing by the rules of capitalism. They have learnt every rule in the capitalist book, and are beating the Anglo-American world at their game. Before Covid-19 hit the world, China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative was buying China influence in sectors of the world where the West was absent, treated with mistrust or had simply lost to China.

Of course, China has an obligation to the world to disclose information, but the fact that scientific research happens in hush-hush (across the planet) makes it impossible for us to tell the fake news from facts. So, let’s say China has hidden from us. It then begs two questions. Given our history, why were we so gullible? Also, are we to believe that private pharmaceutical enterprises share the dangers of their research with us in all transparency? Covid-19 may well be the first in what the future will have to face in the chain reaction that is triggered in a globalised world.

The two sides of the same coin emerge as the globalists who once embraced the one world model are now scribbling in national elements into their discourse and calling for action against one nation – China. If China were to be sanctioned, who would benefit?  It surely wouldn’t bring back the dead whose backs they are riding on! Would our middle classes and lower-middle classes benefit? A highly unlikely prospect, but what is certain is that if China is hit economically, the poor Chinese migrants will have to work once again for a pittance and this time they will have to sing words of praise for supper just to make our super-rich and uncultured elite a little richer.